Kathleen O'Brien Oregon Adoption Attorney

Your Oregon Adult Adoption Expert

Kathleen O'Brien is an Oregon Adoption Attorney specializing in adult adoptions. She offers transparent, flat-rate pricing and over 40 years experience.

40 years of Oregon Adult Adoptions

Oregon Adoption Attorney Kathleen O'Brien knows the ins-and-outs of the Oregon adoption process.

Free consultation

Kathleen is happy to offer advice via phone or email. The adoption process is confusing and she's here to help.

Fixed, Transparent Pricing

She doesn't charge by the hour or add extraneous fees. Just a flat up-front rate per case.

Highly Experienced

Kathleen has been licensed in the state of Oregon since 1983 and Washington since 2002, having graduated from Oregon State University and University of Oregon School of Law.

Highly Specialized

Kathleen O'Brien specializes in adult Oregon adoptions and has assisted in thousands of adult Adoptions across the United States.


Kathleen O'Brien can also advise on: step-parent adoptions, private adoption, open adoption and post-adoption communication, re-adoption of foreign (international) adoptions, and finalization of DHS (state) adoptions in Oregon and Washington.

A Real, Local Person

Kathleen has lived in Portland for over 40 years and is proud to call SE Portland her home. She raised two children here and is active in the community.

Kathleen O'Brien Oregon Adoption Attorney

Start your Adoption journey

The adoption process is complex but Oregon Adult Adoption Attorney Kathleen O'Brien is here to help.