Everyone will treasure this reunion story.

Everyone will treasure this reunion story.

The compelling factors: a 17 year old girl is raped, gives birth to a healthy infant, and treasures the memory of that infant for 77 years. She prays to God she might be allowed to see her birth daughter. Finally, when she is 94 years old, the daughter’s son is searching for the medical history and his eyes pop open that he has found his mother’s birth mother at age 94. They have maintained a healthy relationship through the birth mother’s 100th birthday. Another daughter lives in Portland. Astonishing and positive story.

One Response to Everyone will treasure this reunion story.

  1. Being a product of the adoption process, I’ve dealt with attachment issues for SOOO many years. Often I see news stories trying to sound all warm and fuzzy about adoption. They often bump their lips about how they’re doing such a wonderful thing while I die a bit with the thoughts of the issues they’re not even aware of.
    Anyway… yours was a truly enjoyable one. Thanks tons for an actual adoption related story with a positive outcome.


    p.s. Please advise potential adoptive parents to at least be aware of the potential attatchment issues… they suck.