Adult Adoption

Adult Adoption is the legal adoption of a person 18 years or older. Sometimes this is the best way to formalize a step-parent relationship of long-standing when the legal parent was unwilling to consent to adoption and no substitute for consent fit the facts. It is simple, and requires no notice to the other legal parent; and yes, a name change is included. The child will have a new birth certificate, with the new legal parents. This is the typical “adult adoption,” but we have seen a lot of other scenarios where people accomplish adoption of someone over the age of 18.

22 Responses to Adult Adoption

  1. I want to adopt my adult daughter ( I raised her all of her life), can you help? I don’t know where to begin. Thank you in advance. Derek Spencer

  2. My stepdad would like to adopt me, I am 32. I just really need help in how to do this. Anytime I call someone they say they cannot give me any info and to contact a lawyer. This seems like it should be a simple process as we are both consenting adults.

    • Thanks for your comment, Andrea. I’d be happy to help you with this and answer your questions. Please give me a phone call at your convenience, at 503-234-8801. Kathleen O’Brien

  3. My husband adopted my youngest 10yrs ago (step-parent adoption), but my oldest’s father refused to allow the adoption. He hasn’t seen my daughter in over 2yrs (her choice). She’ll be 18 next year and wants my husband to adopt her. Can her father contest it like he did before? What is the cost range for adult adoption?

    • Thanks for writing. She can be adopted by her step-father as soon as she turns 18. Her legal dad can’t “object,” and does not even have to be notified. Please call for me to quote a fee, it’s very affordable and you can make payments. The court filing fee for adoptions was increased on 10/01/13 to $252.00. Best wishes.

  4. My “daughter” has lived with my wife and I for three years, we have been a part of her life since she was seven years old. She will be turning 18 in August and has asked if we could legally adopt her. She ran away from a very abusive home when she was 15 and wants no contact with the abuser (her biological mother) Her father is currently in prison and will not be released until she reaches the age of 35. We tried to have her placed with in the foster care system officially but unfortunately she fell through the cracks. My wife and I are currently foster care parents and are in the process of adopting one of our minor children, is the process similar? Are there any hurdles we will have to overcome in adopting her legally, or is it just a matter of money.

    • The minute she turns 18, all you need is her consent, paper work filled out and a court date.. No one has to be notified upon her being 18

  5. I’m 21 years old and I would like my step dad to adopt me. I plan on suprising him it may during a motorcycle rally (his favorite one). My biological father died in 2009 and my mother is all for him adopting me, but again he has no idea I’m gonna ask him. I have a ton of questions about the process but don’t know who to talk to about it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  6. Adult daughter wishes to be adopted by her stepfather. What are costs and procedures please?

  7. I am 29 this year and my dad has been wanting to adopt me since I turned 19. But we are having trouble figuring out. The court house is no help. We want this done this year!help!

  8. Dear Kathleen,
    I’ve wanted to adopt my little girl who is 27yrs old now, for quite sometime now, but
    as the years passed our family had it’s ups and downs. But now I really want to fulfill a promise that has been years in the making to my little bug, all I need to find out is where do I obtain the paperwork and the cost to file.

    Thank you for your time
    Anthony D. Acuna

  9. My 18 year old would like to be adopted by my husband who has been her father for the last 12 years. We are having a very difficult time finding what forms we need to file with the court. Can you please help.

  10. I have lived with my mother figure for just over a year, but shes been like a mom since I was 4. I;m 18 and we are looking into her legally adopting me. Where should we start?

  11. My son lives in Portland and wants to adopt his adult “son”. He has raised him sinc a baby and is now in his 40’s. How much would you charge to handle the paperwork? My grandson already has our last name, it was changed legally years ago.

  12. Hi. I hope you are well. My name is Catherine. I wish to be legally adopted
    By my mother who is not my biological mother however, I do consider her my mother with all my heart and soul. This too is her wish. If you can help me or direct me to the proper channels in the legality of adult adoption I would sincerely appreciate it. Thank you for your time
    My number is(971) 306-1129